Discover Europe!

Though this section will be growing throughout the late summer of 2015, a couple trips to Europe already have left a nice impression. Throughout July-September, I'll be seeing Europe from my backpack and adding a lot of new countries to my list. 


What's North America all about?

Over nine weeks I road tripped clockwise around southeastern Canada and the entire United States. I saw 29 states, 2 provinces, and numerous national parks across my homeland, and learned a lot about some of the hidden gems North America has to offer. Check out this section for recaps of parts of my drive or the Articles section for some recaps of my journey!

Check out Oceania!

In December 2014 I ventured down under for a quick, two week trip. Though part of his trip was for work, this was my first experience traveling solo for any extended period of time and was the catalyst for my ultimate decision to quit my job and travel for a year. Want to see what got me inspired? Check out my Australia daily blog!