Off to Copenhagen

I’m about to head off on a great 2 week trip to Europe and I thought it best for me to keep some sort of documentation of it. This is my first ever travel blog post, and several years from now, I hope I can look back on my trip and find a way to somehow remember the minute details we so often overlook. We’re fortunate in this day and age to have such easy access to ways to quickly document all of the things past generations quickly forgot. Pictures, videos, typing, basically anything that isn’t pen and paper, is another way for us to remember everything about all that we do. For my friends and family back home, I hope this helps keep you in the know during my time away. I wish you could have joined.

With that being said, I’d like to start this blog now in the hopes that someday I’ll get the chance to do some more traveling. Doing international work was always something I’d hoped I get the chance to do working at my current company, and I was fortunate enough to have a boss a few months ago who recognized this crazy passion of mine. Many would shy away from doing anything for their company under such a magnified view. My company is slowly starting to extend its borders oversees, and these first few international customers are sort of our way of testing the waters with an non-domestic product. So far, so good. And I consider myself extremely lucky to have the chance to represent my company all over the world.

About 6 months ago I was approached by my current boss at the time and offered a chance to change teams. After only having had been at the company for 14 months at the time, I was kind of flabergasted that they’d want me, of all people, to move to a different team. I wasn’t really sure if I should take it as a compliment, in the sense that I would be a good addition to another team, or as an insult, in that my current team no longer wanted me.

My boss explained that he felt there was a much better chance for me to grow on a different team where the desire to travel internationally wasn’t quite as high. He knew this was the type of work I was really passionate about and something I wanted to pursue from a very early stage of my young career.

I thought over the proposal for a weekend, but in my head knew that I would be crazy not to accept the offer. Monday morning I told him I’d be happy to switch, and tomorrow will be the first time I'll get to see that switch come to fruition.

One month after switching teams, I was approached by the group lead of my new team about going to Denmark. One month! I couldn’t really believe it. I had just made the switch and was still learning the new material and they already wanted me to represent the company abroad! I immediately said “of course” and began planning and preparing for the trip.

It was definitely a lot of work, especially after having just gone through a large improvement cycle on my old team, and really getting no break after the switch. I had been busy learning all of the new content and now had to prepare to teach that content to Danish speakers (obviously they speak English, but still). This was definitely an extra added challenge, but I felt like I was really ready to commit to that.

Tomorrow, that hard work and leap of faith will finally be realized. A “hunch” from a boss six months ago whom I trusted is actually going to happen. It’s still a little unreal, but I can’t wait for the adventure to start.

The trip will last 20 days, and will cover three different countries: Denmark, Germany, and The Netherlands. I’ll start my trip in Copenhagen working and training my company’s new Danish customer. After four days in Copenhagen, I’ll be flying down to Munich to visit my exchange sister, Karol, for the weekend, and then I’ll fly back to Copenhagen for another three days of work. Following work, I’ll be heading to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend who lives in The Netherlands. We’re planning to rent a car and drive around the western and central part of the country. Though my last name is Swiss, the majority of my heritage is Dutch, and so I am excited to see the place in the world where a good portion of my ancestors came from. I’ve always like the Dutch and am really excited about the opportunity to travel there. My friend and I will be staying in hostels (never done that before) and AirBNBs along the way, so it will definitely be an adventure. I’ll be sure to fill everyone in on the hostel situation as soon as it’s relevant.

I’ll leave it at that for now. A little more packing to be done today, and then tomorrow we’re off. I’ll write more once in Copenhagen!