What Makes Prague Great

Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge

Following my time in Berlin, myself, Alex, and Alex boarded a bus bound for Prague. One of our good friends from Northwestern (Go 'CATS) is from the Czech Republic, and following school he moved back and settled in Prague. This seemed like a great excuse to visit a city known for it's classic "old-style European" feel. And though I felt the statement that Berlin was a "great city," I can honestly say that Prague is the best city I've visited in Europe to date. 

We arrived in Prague on Thursday afternoon and immediately headed out in the old town for drinks and dinner. One of the great things about Prague is that it's the first place I've been to in Europe that isn't DRASTICALLY overpriced. Beer is cheap. Food is cheap. But it's all oh-so-good. 

The Old Town Square of Prague

We spent the evening roaming the old town of Prague and eventually made our way across the Vltava River and up to the infamous castle that dominates 99% of pictures taken of Prague. Unlike many other cities in Europe, Prague is one of the few that was not heavily damaged by the Nazi's during WWII, and it is very obvious from it's classic look and feel. Almost every building in the city is more than 200 hundred years old, and the city feel more like living in the 18th century than any other city I've every visited (in a good way). 

The following three days spent in Prague were filled with walking tours, castle tours, old town tours, and more tours. Prague is a very touristy town, and though I generally hate that, I didn't feel this way here. My recommendations on things to do and see in Prague (and thanks to Jan we saw pretty much everything) are:

  • The Prague Castle and tour (which takes a couple of hours to complete)
  • The Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)
  • Petrinske Park (Petrinske sady)
  • A Segway Tour (though do this quick as they're outlawing all segways in the city 1/1/16)
  • Prague Astronomical Clock and Clock Tower
  • Visit to the Old Town Square (where the Clock tower is located)

Prague from above at sunset

So what makes Prague great? Just this. Because the city is so old and historical, simply walking around the city will keep you interested for an entire day. Though I've only recommended six things to do, there are so many more and there is never a place in the city where you feel like you're walking through a typical American street, which I love. While I'm traveling I want to feel like I'm away from the norm, and in Prague I felt just that. Many other cities have a limited number of things to do and see, and often I feel like I could be right back home in the U.S. seeing and doing the exact same things. Prague is not that way, and even after you feel like you've seen everything there is to see there, I always find joy in just walking down the old streets, finding an outdoor cafe, and enjoying a cup of coffee while people watching for an afternoon.