San Francisco

Me at the Golden Gate Bridge

Me at the Golden Gate Bridge

After my late arrival to San Francisco on Monday night, I enjoyed a nice dinner out with my good friends and former teammates from Northwestern, Charlie and Tim. Charlie, new to SF as of four months ago, suggested a good Italian restaurant downtown which we enjoyed late into the night. Near the end of dinner, another friend of mine from my time in Madison (now once again a resident of SF), surprised us at dinner and ultimately welcomed us over afterward for drinks and some good conversation. I haven't seen any of these people in a while, so a night in of just relaxing and talking was what I needed.

On Tuesday I met up with my former roommate from Madison who moved back to his hometown as well (San Fran) last June. He graciously took the day off of work to tow me around the city, and we saw just about everything touristy there is to see in a single afternoon in town. All this, and we still managed to make our way to a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park, a beautiful stadium located right on the bay. 

What was most exciting about my time in SF, though, was not the food or company or awfully pleasant weather they enjoy all year round, but the potential for the Golden State Warriors, the Bay area's NBA team, to win the NBA championship. I've never lived in or been in a city when they've won any sort of championship, so I was excited to potentially get to witness this in real life. We headed out to the bar early in preparation for the game and found seats at a relatively rowdy bar, ideal for watching this type of event. Fortunately, Golden State did end up winning and I enjoyed watching the city win a championship. Granted, Golden State's stadium is in Oakland so I'm sure it was much more rowdy over there, but it was still neat to see San Francisco celebrate. 

AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.

We called it a night early as I am leaving early in the morning tomorrow for Minneapolis over the next three days. It's likely that I'll be, like normal, a bit behind on posting, and will have little internet of phone service until the weekend, so until then, the next post will probably be from Alaska, my next destination after Minneapolis this weekend.