Cambodia: Enjoy a little bit of time in Cambodia, home to the infamous Angkor Wat temples, bamboo train railcars, and amazing beaches!

Far and away one of my favorite countries I've ever visited. Traveling Myanmar will above all be a cultural experience. It is the most raw and authentic country I've ever been to, and it was absolutely beautiful. The people, food, landscape, and history are friendly, rich, and fascinating.

Myanmar (Burma): Of all the countries I've visited, Myanmar may be my favorite so far! This country is rich with culture, scenery, and beautiful people. Only open to tourism for the last five years, it still has the authentic feel that I'd been searching for through much of Southeast Asia. The people, culture, and food are all very raw, still, and it's an amazing place to see while still in its true form.


Join me for three separate trips to the heart of Southeast Asia over a four month period. I ended up spending nearly two months in total here traveling all around the country. It is a massive country with rich history, delicious food, and a knack for tourism.

Thailand: I spent A LOT of time exploring this country, finding myself feeling stuck at times like I couldn't get out. Thailand was amazing, though, and 2 months here was plenty of time to see everything I wanted to see. It's a beautiful country with some amazing scenery and sights. 


An absolutely amazing 3 weeks spent in Laos in November 2015. Video features Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Kuang Xi waterfalls, and trekking through the Luang Prabang province! Music: A Beautiful Life by Tim McMorris Footage shot on GoPro 3+ and iPhone 6

Laos: Laos was the first Southeast Asian country I spent a considerable amount of time in, and it was an absolutely unbelievable place to start seeing Asia! From the slums of Vientianne to the mountainous peaks and backpackers galore in Vang Vieng, three weeks here was not nearly enough time. There were countless waterfalls, beautiful people, amazing night markets, and some of the best scenery around. I hope you enjoy seeing Laos as much as I did! 


Over the course of 11 weeks I made my way through 14 countries (Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary) throughout Europe. Here's a compilation of some of what I saw!

Mainland Europe: For just over 2.5 months I worked my way through much of mainland Europe and had an incredible time. Catching up with old friends and making plenty of new ones along the way, I touched down in 14 new countries I'd never seen before and there are so many more to still see there. 


To start out my time abroad, I headed to the North Atlantic for three weeks of glaciers, castles, waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery. Iceland, Ireland, and Great Britain (just London in England) were a great way to spend my first few weeks abroad.

North Atlantic Islands (Iceland, Ireland, and GB): To start out my trip abroad I visited some of the most beautiful islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Iceland was a highlight, but Ireland and GB offered some of their own flare as well. Amazing places!


To kick off my year around the world, I decided to explore my own backyard, North America. I tackled 29 states, two provinces, and two countries during a nine week road trip, and it made for a lot of scenic driving and some amazing activities along the way.

North America: What can I say, I'm proud to be from this part of the world! Over 9 weeks I visited numerous national parks, two oceans, four mountain ranges, and over half of the U.S. states. We live in an amazing place and it's time for everyone to get out and explore more of the U.S. and Canada!